“Some may think this is ridiculous and pointless to celebrate, but for me it’s worthy.”

Celebrating 200 followers in my opinion should be done more often. We all know how hard we work to get these followers. …

One of my least favorite blogs to see come across my timeline is the one that goes a little like,

“How to properly blog”

“How you should write you blogs”

“How to…”

How about, WRITE HOWEVER YOU WANT TO! If you want to format, spell things wrong, and be messy…

“Just another marriage blog “


I am about to get real honest in this blog and even better, it’s my burner account. I can say whatever I want without the worry of being judged online by a bunch of strangers who have nothing better to do than troll others online.

Warning: Graphic Images

Sometimes scrolling on social media you can come across some interesting information.

Today I learned that on Mount Everest there are over 200 dead bodies and that they do not remove them. I thought “No way this is real” and began to do some research.

Sure enough…

Learn from me

Credit: Yasir Nasir

I worked so hard on many stories I put out thus far. I really felt as though I was going full force with this Medium platform on DAY ONE.

Getting publications has been…. The source of all my issues at this point. One person would say I…


Lover of CATS & drinker of cheap red WINE ~ Child of God, Mother, Daughter, Sister, & Friend ♥️

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